The power of advertising

posted 10 May 2014, 08:34 by Roy McDonald   [ updated 10 May 2014, 08:37 ]

I spotted this poster during my lunchtime perambulations in Manchester the other day...

My first reaction was "Oh no, they bl**dy don't!", but it got me thinking...

Some cyclists do seem to think that traffic signals don't apply to them and don't stop at red lights, so this must be an instruction rather than a statement!

But do cyclists really need to be told this? They already know that they should, but choose not to.

This poster was on the side of a bus shelter, facing away from the direction of traffic. Is this where this message is best communicated to errant pedallers?

And then I started thinking of other posters, which could form a series;

"Drivers. Stay on your side of the road"

"Pedestrians. Look where you are going"