Traffic Signs Quiz...

posted 19 Apr 2013, 09:22 by Roy McDonald   [ updated 21 Apr 2013, 10:24 ]
19 April 2013

OK, what does this sign mean on a Motorway?

Look at it carefully, before you read on.








The Department for Transport’s official, “Know your Traffic signs” manual states, “The right hand lane of the slip road joins the main carriageway as a merge with an acceleration lane. This is followed by the left-hand lane which joins the main carriageway as a lane gain…”

So far, so good. So, if I’m driving on the motorway I need to be alert for vehicles entering from the right hand lane of the slip road but beyond that vehicles will join the motorway in their own lane, without the need to merge, and I will be driving in lane 2.

In the Highway Code the description of the same sign says, “Additional traffic joining from left ahead. Traffic on main carriageway has priority over joining traffic from right hand lane of slip road.”

So, basically the same message, although the Highway Code makes no mention of the lane gain.

But what if the slip road is a single lane - surely the most common configuration of junction?

We do not appear to have a UK traffic sign for this type of Motorway junction!
In effect, a  blue equivalent to the standard red warning triangle…



I have recently been travelling on Motorways quite extensively and have encountered this signage on a number of occasions.  Using this blue junction sign for a simple merge junction is at best misleading, but could actually cause a danger  where drivers in the nearside lane of the Motorway unexpectedly encounter traffic trying to merge  from the slip road.
And yes, I know we need to be alert to all such dangers when driving, but signage should be there to help, not hinder.
It puzzles me how this can be allowed to happen, and why it has not been addressed?