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A podium finish for transport?

posted 22 Sept 2012, 14:40 by Roy McDonald   [ updated 24 Sept 2012, 08:15 ]
21st September 2012
Roy McDonald has now completed his secondment to LOCOG - the London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games - and has returned to his role leading RMC Ltd. He can now add the 2012 Olympic Games to a growing list of Special Event Transport Services on his CV.
During his six months in London, Roy was responsible for developing the Ceremonies Transport services for the Olympic and Paralympic Family guests, working closely with LOCOG's principal contractor, Stagecoach and liaising closely with Security, Government Offices and other LOCOG internal functions. This was a highly charged role for some very demanding groups of clients.
Looking back on his role, Roy commented, "Ceremonies Transport can be quite nerve wracking. You only get one chance to get it right. It is vital that the important guests get to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in good time, with the minimum of disruption, and get back again."
As well as arranging transport for the International Olympic Committee and International Pralympic Committee, Ministers of Sport and assorted Domestic Dignitaries, Roy's role extended to the provision of coach services from Buckingham Palace to the Olympic Stadium.
"We provided transport from a reception at The Palace for what is said to have been the largest gathering of World Leaders ever assembled in the UK. Taking 14 coaches into the grounds of Buckingham Palace was an experience I shall never forget. That this whole operation passed off almost unoticed is, I think, a measure of its success."
Whilst the Athletes and the volunteer Games Makers have taken most of the plaudits for an exceptional six weeks, Transport steadily drove everything, day in, day out, unsung and, mostly, unappreciated. Transport does not make good news stories - it's not newsworthy when it works. Despite all the doom-mongers prior to the Games, Olympic transport did not make the news, because it was successful. The IOC has been fulsome in its praise of the part transport played in making London 2012, the greatest games ever.
Roy concluded, "I am very proud of my part of London 2012. I have worked with some wonderful people, made many new friends and shared some amazing experiences. I hope I can use these experiences to benefit transport operations for other large scale events in the future."