At Roy McDonald Ltd we are able to offer a wide range of transport planning skills.

Here are just some of the services we can provide:

  • Network design and review
  • Bus service specification
  • Supported Bus service procurement
  • Total Transport projects
  • Accessibility Planning assessments
  • Development of Community, Social and Health Transport services
  • Development of Flexible Transport services
  • Transport Strategy development
  • Local Transport Plans
  • Green Travel Plans
  • Travel Plan Co-ordination
  • Personalised Travel Planning and Travel Awareness
  • Smarter Choices
  • Quality Bus Partnerships
  • Optioneering and feasibility studies
  • Special Event transport planning, liaison and Operational control
  • Public Consultation
  • Stakeholder engagement and partnership building
  • Data collection

As a founding member of agito, we are also able to call on a number of associates who can provide complementary skills, such as transport modelling, infrastructure design and development, press and public relations, public consultation and data collection and monitoring, enabling us to build a comprehensive team to deliver a complete package to address any commission.

Browse our Project Profile pages to learn more about some of the projects our team have worked on.

Please get in touch with us for more details and to discuss how we can support you.